Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon
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A work in progress..
I have always wanted to draw a newly hatched baby dragon and finally came up with the layout while laying awake in bed one night. Also, this was a chance to try out my new Caran Neocolor II water soluble artist crayons as well as a new bottle of gesso. Love the crayons...jury is still out on the was kinda gritty to be honest..but was very white in color.

I plan on finishing up this little guy with my pigma pen. Choosing to use stippling instead of a crosshatch type detail, I think it lends itself to more of a skin texture ..where crosshatching is more of a textile type shading. The background is yet undecided, but I tend to want to move to a more textured technique. Maybe I'll throw in some moulding paste and do a color wash or two over it..~shrug~ dunno..guess we'll have to see when I get that far.