Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What the heck is she doing?

Thank you for asking!  Actually I have been doing a lot more work in  my art journal. Faces have always been my bane and I had decided to take an online class to get over my hurdle of not being able to draw any sort of a human looking face.  If you would like to take a look at my Flickr account or my Deviant Art, you can see how I have progressed.  Loving my new skill, thank you Suzi Blu, and looking forward to more work like that.

Recently, however, I have been toying around with Gimp. No, it is not a monkey or something I have locked up in my closet, It is actually a free photo-manipulation program which is very similar to Photoshop.  I am really enjoying fixing up old photos to remove any tears, scratches or dust marks.  The latest one, which I just finished this morning, I removed a third person from the photo.

Here is the original, you can see the younger sibling on the right.  Also, there are multiple scratches all over this photo (example: the girls hat and hair).  After a bit of messing around with Gimp I finally had finished repairing this image, with slight adjustments.

Here is the "fixed" version of the photo.  Most of the scratches are gone, as well as the 3rd sibling (sorry little guy).  It was a great learning experience and I would love to work with this program more. :)