Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Artist Interview- Fairyrealm

During some recent down time, I had the wonderful opportunity to come across an amazing art doll creator. I was enchanted with the wonderful expressions, costumes and skill that went into these creations. Curious as to who this person is, I contacted Fairyrealm's artist and asked if I could do a brief interview. Rima was delighted to participate in the questioning. At first I had about 5 or 6 different questions to ask..however, when she sent me her response it was way more interesting than cut and dry answers. So, it is with great pleasure that I post her story here exactly as it was sent to me, may I introduce to you...Rima of Fairyrealm....

"I had worked for years with ceramic clay. I began to try my hand at sculpting small intricately detailed clay figures but was not happy with the results. One day I came across photos (online) of Wendy Froud's work. I was amazed and inspired. I became determined to teach myself some polymer clay techniques so that I could create my own version of the world of fairy. After some mistakes (and a mermaid whose head rested on her left shoulder for lack of an armature). I began to buy books and recently purchased a DVD created by Wendy Froud. All of these have helped and inspired. Best of all purchases was Wendy's DVD.At some point I stop and look at a piece and see a million thing that need improvement but know that I really need to stop before I ruin or over do it. I just have to make a mental note of the things to be improved and say "I'll do better next time". Somehow it's never better enough!I find the art works of both Wendy and her husband Brian Froud to be two of my greatest sources of inspiration. I also love the writings of J K Rowling. Her stories are steeped not only in mythology and folklore. What an extraordinary imagination she has. I love the fact that her books are multi leveled and can be read not only as wonderful modern day fairy tales but as sensitive insights into human nature and social conditions with a smattering of political commentary too.", "Here is the link to my etsy store- "

If anyone would like to contact Rima, you could either drop me a line here and I will forward the message along, or visit her profile at her Etsy shop.

Thanks for viewing!


Loreluca said...

You are right! The creations are absolutely gorgeous. The best part is that, in some way, she kind of "stumbled" into this fairyland almost by accident! I love when that happens!
Thanks for sharing her art with us!

Julie said...

Fabulous stuff! Thanks for sharing your "find" with us!

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Michael said...

Thank you so much for sharing this interview with us--Rima really is an amazing artist and does such beautifully detailed work :)

warm wishes and faery blessings,
FaerySpell Creations

SpiritMama said...

Rima's fairy people ar fantastic! Thanks for sharing them with us.