Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer ..Ah It's Summer.

Never would have imagined that a summer could get so hot.  It has rained only a handful of times..the ground is so dry.  The heat and humidity are oppressive and relentless these days.  Days like these make me happy that I've planted native perennials, although I have had to rescue them with a few drenching drinks from the hose. Most of these days I have spent inside, surfing for job opportunities, doing housework and creating art. 

Thinking of cooler days does help ease my summertime "cabin fever" and makes me look forward to the fall and my all time favorite holiday...Halloween!  I haven't been able to get it out of my mind really..the colors, the smells..the cool breeze that blows.  The rustling leaves blowing down the street, the annual fall bird migration that paints ribbons of feathered friends across the sky..the oranges, browns, reds and greens all overload my senses and put a smile on my face.  

Being overwhelmed of fall-time past, I have been busy creating new digital art.  Always wanting to capture the sights of fall and the spookiness of Halloween..I have created yet another image fitting for the Halloween Ball.  This one is captivating in a way..magical yet slightly frightening.  I love to take in her beauty, yet am afraid to look for fear she may cast a spell on me.  She is definitely in the "Aunt Batty" style ..but yet slightly a little more sinister in appearance don't you think? 

Thinking a little further ahead, I have realized that we are half way to Christmas..I suppose it's premature panic that's setting in, but might as well start thinking about gifts now.  So I am participating in Etsy's Christmas In July Sale.  It's never too early to start shopping for gifts, whether they're for yourself or for others, and to take advantage of some good Etsy sale pricing going on right now.  If you're interested in the Christmas in July Sale..simply head on over to and search for "CIJ" at CLBcreations.  

With that I will toast my ice filled glass to cool thoughts, Halloween memories and girls with bat wings on their backs.....Happy Christmas in July!