Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is here!

With the season change, I felt inspired to whip up some images via Gimp.  Made Grandmother Witch and Witch Baby Otto..the latest relative to the two is Aunt Batty.  She is very proper in her attire and always stirs her cauldron with pinky up of course..as you can see by her stiff posture and wonderfully kept hair.
I decided to show you the before and after photos so you get a feel as to what was changed and what wasn't. Aunt Batty is quite a smart lady. You see with a snap of her fingers she can change from her "muggle" form to her true image. In all these years I don't think anyone suspected a thing about her. 

And of course this image, as well as the others, are available on my etsy shop for purchase for your Halloween Holiday scrapbooking/mixed media needs.