Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Has Sprung !

And so has my creativity.  :)

 I decided to break out the old bear making materials again..dusted off the old sewing machine, organized my fabrics, rounded up my needles and took stock of my supplies.  After rummaging around the closet, I pulled out my patterns and found a few nice pieces of mohair I had forgotten about.  As I pulled out the short nap blonde fat yard of mohair..a ziplock bag of fluff fell out.  Pink and lavendar fluff to be specific.  "Whats this?" I thought to myself.. "An unfinished bear! Shut up!"..I unzipped the bag and lo and behold..sure was a hand dyed bear set..all the pieces were there...arms legs..head pieces.. It just needed to be assembled.

Now..having the flu certainly puts a damper on your crafting abilities, but I was ready to get well and decided to work on that bear..piece by piece and hand sewed most of it.  I finished the head first to get a feel of what it would look like as a whole..then it struck me..I wanted to do something different for the nose..something completely different.  Cotton string would not do this time.  I again went thru my supplies..and found my stash of felting needles "hmm..better put these where they belong before I loose them again"...**Ding ding ding** ~insert bright idea light-bulb here~   Yup, you guessed it...I needle felted a nose.  I had some non-carded wool roving and found a nice minty teal color.  After a while it actually started to look like a nose.  But something was missing.  The nose was too big..hmm..  I looking thru my roving again...this time I dug to the bottom of the container...and guess what folks..I had a bunch of  roving that matched the backing of the mohair "EXACTLY".   Four broken felting needles and a handful of wool later..."ta da".   A bear is born..

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