Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Latest and Greatest Here at CLB...

I know...I know.. I'm so sorry to be so late in posting something here. It's totally not like me. But my schedule has been absolutely packed for the month of September..and it seems to be quieting down now. So, while I have a bit of a lull...I'm going to fill you all in on what is going on.

I had recently approached a new age shop close to my home to see if they would be interested in my little dragons and pendants. At the time I walked in a reporter/photographer was there looking to interview someone for an article. And...at that exact moment as well, about 3 other people walked into the shop. Busy, Busy Busy...grrrr...not an ideal situation to start peddling my wares. I waited for a bit of quiet...smiled and passed over a basket of goodies...my goodies. The one owner Kate said she would show them to Morn the other owner and asked if I could leave them there for a day. ... so I did. I came back the next day..full of doubt and ready for rejection. However, it was quite the opposite reaction that I received. Both Kate and Morn loved them...and at the time there were a few other people in the store that also were excited about them. I was handed a contract then and there and was given the invitation to bring them in whenever I liked. Yessss! So...I am now working on a few dragons to be sold only at their store.

I also have received a custom order for a few dragon head pendants...and have finally finished those. (pictured here) These were fun to make. One, the clay was soft and mushy..hard to sculpt because it would just melt impressions of my fingers in it whenever I would work on it. The other, the opposite, the clay was super hard and crumbly and had to be worked into other clays to soften it up. It was very resistant to manipulation but seemed to have held some really sharp crisp lines. All in all, they both turned out well and will be on their way to their new homes. I asked the buyer to forward some pictures of them once they are all strung up as necklaces. Hopefully she wont forget to send them and I can post them here.
Ok...well ...that's all for now.. ...Thanks so much for viewing...!

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