Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Entry for the July PCAGOE Challenge

Summertime Memories...

Meet Cicada George. He's my entry for PCAGOE's July challenge. I hope you like him. See the story behind George HERE .

The voting for this months challenge will be hosted at I will post as soon as I know when the polling is open. Good luck to all the entrants and good luck to those voting!


Loreluca said...

This is GORGEOUS, Cindy! Where can we vote??? Can we vote? I hope so, you definitely have my vote!
I had to call Coco to show her. She was totally amazed that you CAN MAKE something like this! And I love the story about Meghan picking them up! I didn't see even one of those bugs, probably b/c we don't have big ol' trees... oh well! I think I like yours BEST!

Ruth Tarragano said...

I do not know if the challenge is over or not, anyway- I love your work!!

Good luck!!

CLBcreations said...

Hey Ruth...good to see you, the challenge is not over yet. The group is getting all the entries posted onto the website right now. July 26th will be the official start date for voting. I'll post a notice to make sure everyone you wont miss it.