Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Crack That WIP..." ...Wait...Hua?

So, I lugged out the clay yesterday.  Grabbed a tinfoil body I made for a tauren druid...and started slappin clay on it.  Had no intention of making that druid this time tho. Instead I ended up with a dragon head again...and was experimenting with some new glass beads for the eyes.  But as I sat back and looked at the head...the nose wasn't right.  Soooo....I chopped it off.  What remained was quite comical.  It looked as if his bottom lip was still there but the top half of his snoot was gone.  "Perfect"! I thought.  I added more clay to his bottom lip and cheeks, did a little tweaking here and there...added a few horns...badda bing badda boom...

I'm fairly happy with him and snapped a picture.  His head and body are done, just need to add some arms and legs now.

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