Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Win FREE Stuff! Vote in the PCAGOE June Challenge

Ever wondered what a PCAGOE artist looked like? Come find out by voting in our June Self-portrait Challenge. PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artist Guildof Etsy)is having it's monthly challenge and you can vote and be entered to win a polymer clay supply kit from our sponsor: http://www.polymerclayproductions.com/

Come check out the entries and vote by noon Etsy time on June 28th!http://pcagoe.com/

You too can be a winner!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Loreluca said...

AWWW, man!!! I LOVE prizes!!! It stinks that I didn't see this earlier!! I've been like, lost in translation, (almost literally), so haven't had a chance to come visit... MAN! I'll come visit DAILY, now!!!
Hugs, Cin!